Following the Call #10 – Waiting for a Decision

We waited two weeks and two days to find out.

I think I have already made it very clear how I feel about waiting, and up until this point, I really had no clue what real waiting felt like. This time the waiting wasn’t to check off a box, move forward towards the next step of the process, or to meet some arbitrary deadline I had set in my head. This time we waited for an answer to our life being radically changed. The biggest, most exciting, and terrifying change either of us had ever known. Would we be parents to three little girls all at once, or would we go on waiting for the next call?

During this time a lot was happening. We prayed fervently for these little ones. Although we desperately wanted to be chosen, we also decided to pray for the “perfect” family for these three. We wanted whatever was best for them and whatever would bring them to know Jesus. Our family and friends joined us in praying; we could feel the prayers surrounding us.

Yet another huge decision had to be made.  It was also quite terrifying, in it’s own right. Should I quit my job? The adoption specialist was looking for a family that had a parent who could stay home. Luke and I had decided that I was going to stay home when we had/were placed with kids.

BUT time was running out, and school was about to start. I had a very short time before I was supposed to report back to school for “Beginning of the Year Meetings” and to prep my classroom. I was beyond nervous to make this decision. We couldn’t completely afford it. I had applied to work at an online school, so I could work from home. However, this school was notorious for waiting until the very last minute to hire, so that they could see what enrollment numbers would be. My interview was very promising. I thought I might eventually get an offer, but could I quit my job on that hope? Especially not knowing whether or not we would be chosen for these girls.

A dear friend and I decided to fast for a short time for various reasons. One of the things I decided to pray about was the decision to quit, during those prayers I felt God say, “Trust me. Quit.”

Angrily, I countered with, “But first, tell me if we are getting the girls.”

To which, I again heard, “Trust me.”

(I should add here that Luke had been telling me to quit since the end of the last school year.)

I rather grumpily conceded and with the attitude of, “Fine, I’ll text my principal now.”

Bye Bye Classroom

Wouldn’t you know it, not two days later, we got THE CALL.