Our New Adventure

Photo Credit: Kati Catania

We are going to be parents!!!! That’s right everyone! We are so beyond excited to share our good news with you… Luke and I are adopting!!!


We wanted to share a little bitĀ of our journey with you. We decided in January that the Lord was calling us to adopt. Now if you’ve known me for any length of time, you probably already know that adoption has been on my heart for my whole adult life. Luke and I were ecstatic to hear God saying now is the time!

Photo Credit: Kati Catania
Photo Credit: Kati Catania

We are adopting through the foster care system, which means we have spent the last 6 months taking several classes, doing stacks of paperwork, background checks, medical exams, home study interviews, and more. On June 1st we had our last interview!!!! This means that all of our part is done. Now we wait for a report to be written on all of the information that has been gathered on us. Once the report is written and we approve it, we will wait for our approval or certification.Then we wait for children to be placed with us. Lots of waiting… We can’t wait to have our sweet kiddos in our arms!!!

I will be posting more detailed information on our adoption journey through the fost/adopt system for all of you interested in learning more very soon.

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So very happy for Luke and Bacal, you two and the blessed little one (s) that come into your life. i know you will be amazing parents.

CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn’t be happier for you and your family. You are going to make great parents. I love reading your blogs and look forward to the updates along this journey in your life.
Best wishes and big hugs too.


Luke & BaCall, I’ve told you before how happy I am for you both and how proud I am. I too believe you can and will make wonderful parents as long as in everything you do do it together for your kids. Through your faith you will learn once your child is in your arms that life isn’t about you anymore, it’s about your child. You can’t put yourselves first before something your child needs. You must always communicate with them and be honest with them. Kids will figure you out before you realize. They need your love always. They need your support always. They need your guidance and your very best example, always. They need your strength and tender heart, always. They need your self assurance to shine so that they can find they’re own strength and self assurance in themselves. Raise them to be confident in knowing your there quietly behind them for when the time comes for them to step on that first school bus, walk into that first classroom, take on and master that first challenging assignment and test knowing they can do this knowing your there at work thinking about them, supporting them, loving them, praying for them. Love them through good moral teachings for those times with their peers who will push them to do wrong and bad things. Raise them to not only say “no”, but to be a caring leader to talk about to their peers why it’s wrong and shouldn’t be done. Teach them to be confident leaders while allowing them to be themselves. Teach them to stick up for the less fortunate and kids who are struggling. Guide them, don’t push them. But most of all teach them to love and care for everyone no matter the persons background so that your son and daughter have a heart to serve others. Teach them that life is not about them, but about what they can do for others in need in service through love as Christ taught us to live and love and serve. When you have that relationship between you and your child with Gods love in the middle, You will be successful parents knowing your children will no doubt pass that on to their children. This is an exciting and scary time. As parents, you Luke & BaCall must be stronger then ever in your faith and your work and your words and your actions. Teach them. Hug them. Talk to them. Ask them a bunch of questions about everything. Always make sure they know how much you love them and that you will never leave them. Give them all of your heart, alway. I love you both and so proud of you. This adventure is yours. Make the best of it for you as parents and for them as your kids. It’s time. Go out and raise kids who can and want to make a better world for others. I have believe in you both.

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